Box Like the social game

The Game

As a user of Status (the largest social network in the world), your goal is to become the most popular User on the web, and show off the most Friends! Become the Troll—that irreverent provocateur—and tag the other Users with your embarrassing posts! Your rivals don’t want to be the laughing stock of the web for sure, and won’t hesitate to try their best to win the Discussion. They’ll even be willing to pay for the support of other Users! You just have to hope that in their rush they’ll make a mistake: then you can show off and grow your popularity! But be careful: sooner or later you’ll be tagged too…

Are you sure you want to risk your reputation to get the last word?


Challenges – Duel with other Users to the last Like and grow your popularity!
Alliances – Help other Users to win difficult challenges – in exchange for a reward, of course!
Rhythm – Join the action at any time and press your advantage. Timing is everything!
Irony – Take the roles of the most embarrassing personalities of the Web.
Fun – Develop more and more effective strategies and combos, and leave your adversaries astonished!