Like – The Social Game comes from the combination of a psyco-geek and an unconventional engineer.

Freedom, engagement and interaction are the pillars on which the whole gameplay is based.
The ‘social network’ setting allows the players to look at our kind of society in a lightly ironic way.


As authors, we aim to bring the ‘Y Generation’ (used to social life on the internet) around a table to share a game experience. We want to show them how ‘social’ can be a real game experience, more than a virtual one.


The subtitle ‘The Social Game’ itself suggests a double meaning: on the one hand the setting and, above all, on the other hand the social interaction among the players.


Starting from a long tradition of Role Playing Game, as game designers we chose to make a game in which anyone could join the action anytime. Such game could be eventually appreciated by ‘hard-core gamers’ – who love to challenge themselves by playing in a strategic way – and, above all, by ‘casual gamers’. The latter, indeed, prefer to spend a night with friends just to have fun, whitout being bored by learning a long list of rules; not to speak about the long time waiting for other players’ plays during the game.


We decided to design a boardgame as simple as possible, which could entertain the players by providing them a fun night. Timing, luck and light strategy will mix up, creating extrememly engaging games.


No doubt it is a risky choice, which scares most experienced gamers, but it is intended to go beyond the traditional boardgames world, involving the broadest casual gamers community.