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Smartphone Wallpapers

metal wallpaperMetal wallpaper Nerd wallpaper
Nerd wallpaper
Rasta wallpaper
Rasta wallpaper
Cheerleader wallpaper
Cheerleader wallpaper
emo wallpaperEmo wallpaper Karatekid wallpaper
Karatekid wallpaper
Tamarro wallpaper
Guido wallpaper
Poser wallpaper
Poser wallpaper
epic win wallpaperEpic Win wallpaper Fuckyhea wallpaper
Fuckyhea wallpaper
truestory wallpaper
Truestory wallpaper
Troll Face wallpaperTroll Face wallpaper

If you are on your smartphone: long touch the wallpaper and wait until the “save image” menu appears. Save it, then go to the general setting of your phone and set it as a Wallpaper or Screensaver!

If you are on your computer: right-click on the wallpaper and save the image on your computer, by clicking on “save image”. Then send it to your smartphone (for example by e-mail)! Once you have transferred the wallpaper, go to the general settings of your phone and set the image as a Wallpaper or Screesaver!

Tired of downloading the wallpapers one by one? Click here to get them all in a single shot!


You can’t live without your favourite Profile on your smartphone? You desperately wish some other wallpapers of the game?
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