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The whole game is a sort of Fan-fight. So, what's the meaning of Fans, exactly?

Answer: Fans represent your followers (those undefined users in the web who are likely to comment your actions when you ‘Launch’ them). Fans are presented in the form of a ‘coin’ token . When you Launch a Fan it can come up with a Like or Loser result, meaning that your follower likes or dislike your behaviour in the Discussion.

A friend of mine arrived late and we have already started the game. May he/she join us before a new game start?

Answer: Yes, your friend can join the game even if it’s already started. He/she will start playing since the beginning of a new round (starting from the Update phase). As he/she starts, that User won’t have any Friend, in order not to ‘waste’ other Users’ achievements. The new User will start with 2 cards in his/her hand (plus the card drawn in the Update phase). As far as Fans are concerned, he/she will have to Launch 4 Fans keeping in front of him/her just the ones with the Like result (as you do by setting up the game).

Attention: the new User should sit on the right of the new Troll.

I just got the Keyboard and I'm the Troll. A player immediately steals all of my Fans, even before I've declared which user I wanted to Tag. This means that I can't play the Discussion phase?

Answer: Not necessarily. If you get at least 1 Fan before the Discussion starts (for example by playing a “Download” card, or by stealing any Fan to another player), then you will be able to tag your target user. Otherwise, if you don’t own any Fan before the Discussion starts, you will have to proceed to the following phases of the round, skipping the Discussion phase.

By creating an Alliance, may I offer just Fans as a reward?

Answer: No, you may also offer any card from your hand, or anything else. Some people, for example, prefer a good ice-cold beer rather than a few Fans…

Attention: the number of Fans offered as a reward by the main player may be zero…

I don't remember which cards have been already played. May I look at the cards in the History?

Answer: Yes, if you show them to the other players too. Anyway, the other players won’t be obliged to wait for you…

How does the 'Trollface' card work, exactly? What does 'reward' mean?

Answer: The ‘Trollface’ card forces a user to give his reward to you at the End of the Discussion. With reward we mean the number of Fans which have been promised by a main player to his/her helper. Helper’s own Fans are not included.

The target of this card is a player who created an Alliance or who made a Gentlemen’s Agreement with one of the main players.

What happens when two different Users play a 'Trollface' card to get the same reward?

Answer: First of all you need to know which of the two Users played the card first. The first User playing Trollface will get the reward from the target User, as usual.
The second Trollface card cannot affect the same reward: that reward will be part of the first User’s pool, so it won’t be considered a reward anymore.

As a consequence, the second Trollface card might affect just another target reward.

I activate the Superpower of my Profile; after that, a player steals my Profile card. So I play from my hand the 'Update Profile' card, bringing it back under my control. If the text says 'once per round', may I activate its Superpower once again?

Answer: No, ’cause the text of the card speaks to the player. A player may activate that Superpower just once per round.

A player activated the Superpower of his/her Profile, which says 'once per round'. If I play from my hand the 'Update Profile' card, taking under my control that Profile, may I activate that Superpower, even if it's already been activated by the previous player?

Answer: Yes, ’cause the text of the card speaks to the player. Different players may activate that Superpower during the same round.

Some Profiles have a Superpower which says 'once per round'. How can I remember if I already activated the Superpower of my Profile?

Answer: Any player may pay attention to Superpowers activated by the other players. You may be helped by them. Otherwise, here is a little hint: when you activate a Superpower, turn your Profile card sideways. Attention: next round remember to turn it back to its original orientation 🙂

What happens if I declare a card and, by mistake, I play another card from my hand?

Answer: Your declaration takes effect. Bring the played card back to your hand and replace that with the one you declared. If you don’t have the declared card in your hand, then the card you played will be ‘burnt’: it won’t have any effect and you will be forced to discard that in the History.

Give me just one reason to read the Declarations chapter!

AnswerExample – A main player and a potential helper have just got an agreement about an Alliance. So, the main player puts his/her hand on the History pile, and declares: ‘Now we are Allies!’. Right after that (before the Ally Launches its Fans), an opponent declares the “Game over” card, and he/she places that card in the History, upon the main player’s hand. Which action takes effect first?

Both declarations will take effect (according to the ‘First come, first served’ rule): the Ally will have to Launch all of the Fans he/she declared. The opponent should hope that the results of the launches would be Losers, ’cause the ‘Game over’ card won’t let any player to change the Result of the Discussion.

I declared a Countdown. When just 1 second was left, a player declared the Launch of 2 Fans. Of course he/she couldn't Launch them in time, 'cause time was over and the Discussion ended. What about those Fans?

Answer: The action of Launching Fans was declared before the end of the Countdown, so it must take effect. The player has to Launch all the declared Fans. Attention: the End of the Discussion has already been set, so you won’t be able to change its result anymore.

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